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Thread: MSY and JFK 4/13/2012 [Image Heavy]

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    MSY and JFK 4/13/2012 [Image Heavy]

    I was for 3 days in New Orleans.
    Its a great city and a was a nice experience!
    The Jazz Festival was just awesome!

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    I love the cockpit shot, makes me want to have a seat and fly around awhile.

    Thank God for Flight Simulator!

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    The weather was so good and my son JR was off from school so I decided to join you, or you guys joined us. We were on the road by 5AM. Was great meeting you Dennis, yankees368, Mark, Manny and the student for China- sorry my feeble mind can't recall your name! Eric was the only other old school out today. Dennis you have a pic of us shooting the RAM 763.
    Looking forward to seeing you guys for the shuttle!
    "my finger on the shutter button, while my eye is over my shoulder"

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