Came across a couple of job listings for Delta at JFK if anyone is interested:

Baggage Handler/Ramp Operator (Ready Reserve) - Queens, NY

# of Positions : 57
Minimum Education Level : High School Diploma/GED
Experience Required : none
License Required: Drivers License
Salary : $10.82
Duration : Part Time Regular
Shift : Rotating
Hours per week: 25

Job Description

As a Ramp Operator, you would be responsible for directing the ground movement of the aircraft in terminal ramp areas. You would also be required to transport all baggage, mail and cargo from loading equipment. This position is extremely physically demanding, which means you will be manually lifting and loading baggage on carts and in aircraft up to 70 pounds. You will be working outside sometimes in the snow, rain, wind and heat.

Customer Service Agent: Ticketing/Gate Service Agent (Ready Reserve) - Queens, NY

# of Positions: 184
Minimum Education Level: High School Diploma/GED
Experience Required: none
License Required: Drivers License
Salary: $10.82
Duration: Part Time Regular
Shift: Rotating
Hours per week: 25
Start Date : 11/1/2010

Job Description

Handles all facets of work associated with ticketing and making reservations for passengers and those activities necessary to board and deplane passengers, including tagging and lifting passenger's baggage to a bag belt for delivery to the ramp. Proactively greets customers, assesses their needs, explains Delta's available technology alternatives, and directs them appropriately. Positively impacts customers' use of airport technology to ensure a better, faster, and friendlier airport experience for all customers. Displays a positive image of Delta. Keeps customers informed while ensuring service delivery. Efficiently coordinates with internal resources while working under pressure and time constraints to dispatch flights on time. Performs a variety of duties according to the functional work area assignment; however, agents may be cross-utilized and be required to perform all functions. Specific functions, tasks, and departments may vary or be added depending upon the location and operational requirements. Subject to rotating shifts and off days. May require outside work. Practices safety-conscious behaviors in all operational processes and procedures.

Job Qualifications: Should be able to read, write, and comprehend detailed job instructions. Should be proficient in math and English grammar. Previous ticket counter or gate experience is preferred. Requires a valid driver's license. Must have strong listening and communication skills in order to identify customer needs and to provide directions appropriately. Must display a positive image of Delta. Passenger service personnel must be able to successfully complete courses in the appropriate training path for the job area where openings exist; the minimum passing score on all course exams is 75%. Must be able to perform the essential functions of the job, including the ability to lift at least 70 pounds. Must be performing satisfactorily in present position.