So I really dont know what came first, the love of LIRR diesels or planes. But before I came into Anet years ago, I was always heavy into the LIRR and its diesels.

Fast forward to this past weekend, we took the kids to go see Thomas the Tank Engine. For the record, I really have no love for steam engines....sorry, I know this is heartbreaking for a lot of folks. I love the old classic diesels.

But we had to go see Thomas. What was a bonus surprise for me was that the coaches it pulled were actually all formerly used and owned by my old employer, the Long Island Railroad.

Hard to believe that only 11 years ago, I could board a train from Babylon and visit Tommy and the conductors would be in the open air, just like that, as the train pulled in. That was the BEST!

lastly, this came in an email today, thanking us for our patronage,
from the GM of The New York Susquehanna & Western Technical & Historical Society
The Delaware River Railroad Excursions. I must say this was a nice touch. :

If anyone is interested, its a nice ride, 2 hours from FRG in a straight run across manhattan, right to the NJ/PA border.